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If you missed it the first time   
03:33pm 27/10/2004

enter my delusional realm

To everyone reading this....   
04:57pm 14/11/2003
  If you are reading this:

You are literate and educated somewhat,

You have access to outside opinions and facts,

You are in a place with technology and electricity,

You know how to use a computer and have access to one,

You are using the internet, where you can find almost any news, info, communiciaton, entertainment, etc.

Things might not be going too great, but be thankful for these few simple ones.

I know not everyone is happy and satisfied w/their lives, but I at least hope things are safe and ok.

And it might seem as if no one cares, and life is too hard, but you are currently alive because you deeply care about others or yourself, and for that...I admire you.

17 left society's reality to | enter my delusional realm